Downtown Guides

Help visitors, residents, and employees feel comfortable, welcome, and safe in our community’s amazing Downtown. 
Scope of Services:
  • Hospitality-Provide a warm greeting to Downtown patrons, sharing information and offering recommendations
  • ​Safety-Be vigilant and present a distinctive presence to help deter crime
  • Partnership-Call on both City of Olympia and social service resources to work together to address challenging behaviors Downtown
  • Crisis Outreach-Engage individuals suffering from houselessness, mental health crises, drug addiction in an effort to connect them with available resources in the community.
Hours of Operation:
  • Sunday-Friday from 8am-7pm
  • Saturday from 7am-10pm
Training Partners
  • Partners Include: City resources: Olympia Police Department, Ambassadors, Clean Team, Crisis Response Unit, Familiar Faces
  • Others: Community Care Center (Substance Abuse/Mental Health), Department of Enterprise Services, Washington State Patrol
  • CPR, bloodborne pathogens, customer service, de-escalation, use of technology, lifting techniques, strategies for engaging with those experiencing houselessness, City ordinances and on the job training