Main Street Approach

Downtown Olympia, like many of Washington State's communities, is using the National Main Street Center's Main Street Approach™ effectively to address the complex and changing issues facing the Downtown Business environment. At the center of this approach are the Downtown Alliance's five committees.  These committees work to achieve the organization's goals by leveraging the energy, skillsets, and commitment of the committee members.

The ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE involves building a solid Main Street framework that encourages fiscal stability and thoughtful deployment of resources.  A strong organization provides the structure and stability to build and maintain a long-term Downtown revitalization effort.

The PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE helps to create excitement and vibrancy downtown.  Downtown events, retail promotions, storytelling, and image development campaigns are some of the ways the Downtown Alliance markets what’s going on Downtown and encourages customer traffic.

The DESIGN COMMITTEE works to enhance the look and feel of the commercial district.  Historic building rehabilitation and new ground-up development, street and alley clean u-up, landscaping, signage, visual merchandising and lighting all improve the physical image of the Downtown as a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in and live.

The ECONOMIC VITALITY COMMITTEE involves analyzing current market forces to develop near and long-term solutions for the visibility of Downtown businesses.  Proving business assistance services, education and training opportunities, and advocating for a business friendly regulatory environment are examples of economic vitality activities.

The DOWNTOWN VIBRANCY COMMITTEE works to ensure that the environment Downtown is clean, safe and welcoming for all of those coming Downtown.  Best practices are researched and employed that can help achieve these foundational tenets that enable a vibrant, thriving Downtown.

If you would like to be considered for committee membership on on of these committees, please contact Executive Director, Todd Cutts at (360) 357-8948.